Kristiaans best day in Nice

There is a nice playground at the top of the castle site in Nice. Guess who saw it first…



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Kristiaan en de kanonskogels

Why canon balls are so funny? The moment Kristiaan got out of the stroller he sat and climbed on them, even asked us to make photos…. :? :-D


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Shopping by car

Kristiaan decided to be lazy today. No walking, no stepping, going to the supermarket by car!

The new word of the week: “samen”

Kristiaans vocabulary is growing and growing. And he is getting the true meaning of words. This week it is all about samen/一起/together.
Samen met mamma drinken

Opa en Oma vliegtuig

De nieuwe naam voor de KLM! Kristiaan bleef maar naar de KLM 747 kijken….


Dierenrijk in the snow

Close to Eindhoven is the “Children’s Zoo”: Dierenrijk. Located on top of a landfill with 54 species of animals it is just right for kids. Add the many playgrounds and very large slides and you have a great place to visit. Covered in snow it looked very nice!


A late white christmas in Eindhoven today. Kristiaan enjoyed his first time in the snow. ☺

Dutch Jacuzzi

Kristiaan is enjoying himself in NL! ☺


mmmmm, lekker

A lot of Sinterklaas candy at Opa & Oma!


In a weeks time Kristiaan went from not interested in Duplo, through able to take them apart to building and stacking! Kids really develop fast!



Next batch

A new delivery of milkpowder arrived today, with PEPERNOTEN as well!☺☺


First time by train

Today’s train ride from the airport to Nagoya was the first time for Kristiaan to be on a train! There was a lot to see, so he did not move off my lap and glued his head to the window. :)

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Big small boss

We think it is already quite clear what his future profession will be. Our only question is: Where did he learn/see this?




Selfie of mamma and Kristiaan while pappa is driving!

2014-07-20 142804


First time in the kids swimming pool in the block! After a bit of a safe start, Kristiaan was out on his own trying to keep up with the much bigger boys. He did not think of going home, but his mom & dad saw he was getting very tired. We will definitely go many more times this summer!

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